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Eddie DeGarmo’s Rebel for God is now in bookstores.

Unlikely tales are often the most fun. The long, strange trip Christian rock star and music executive Eddie DeGarmo has experienced over a half century in the music business is full of such stories—from playing keyboards at ten years old in his first 1960s Memphis rock ‘n’ roll band in the shadow of Graceland and Johnny Cash to his own massive tours filling auditoriums and stadiums around the world with DeGarmo and Key. Now, in his moving and inspirational memoir Rebel for God, DeGarmo opens up about life, faith, and rock ‘n’ roll.

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“Eddie DeGarmo has been a pioneer in translating the unchanging message of Christ in the ever-changing musical genres of contemporary music. You have loved his music. You will love the story behind the music and the many people he helped you to love in Rebel for God.”

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas

“I have observed Eddie as an artist, keyboard player, tour producer, record executive, music publisher, rock opera creator, husband, and father over the years… He has been involved with a lot of different ventures and he has had many victories, but he has never lost sight of the things that really matter. I am grateful to be one of those who have benefitted from his wisdom and am honored to call him my friend.”

Grammy award-winning artist Toby Mac in his foreword to Rebel for God